// 29.Dec.2009

DWotW #14

Desktop Wallpaper of the Week: I love this image. It was created by “h16” and is posted on deviantART. The monochrome to vivid-colour transition between the two girls is extremely well done and the hand-painted effect is simply gorgeous. I can’t decide if the girl on the right is holding a “fantasy” lover, or the ghost of a dead friend or relative perhaps? One of the comments on the deviantArt site suggested that this image represents good meeting evil — but I’m not convinced — there seems to be me to be too much passion between the two girls for this to be a meeting of such polar opposites.

Either way, it’s a gorgeous piece of art and makes a fantastic desktop wallpaper.

You can download the full-size wallpaper from the deviantART website. You should also check out the rest of h16’s work.

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