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Date:  Sun, 4th-May-2003prevnext

Tags: CMS, Urban Mainframe, Website Development

Made a few changes to the website...

Added "Printer Friendly" Facility: Clicking the "printer friendly" icon "print version" will generate a page that is suitable for printing from the content of the current page. The site graphics, menus and side panel are removed and multi-page articles are reproduced as one, continuous body of text that looks a little better when printed. This facility is also convenient if you prefer not to have to click through multiple pages to read our longer articles. The new facility can be accessed by clicking the "printer friendly" icon in the panel at the top of pages (where appropriate).

Adjusted Calendar Index on the Weblog: This previously displayed the current month and the next month with dates linked to their corresponding posts. The problem was that, because of the nature of a weblog, there were no corresponding posts for the next month - so it was basically a waste of space. I have changed this so that it now displays the previous month and the current month. This means that many more weblog entries are available from the calendar index.

Note: The calendar index is not used within the current design.

Added "Site Map" Page: Click the "site map" icon for an index of all the pages on the Urban Mainframe.

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