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Date:  10th December, 2004


DarkBlue's Workspace

Veerle Pieters asks, "how does your working environment look?"

Well this is how mine looks - I apologise for the poor image quality, I need both a tripod and a better flash! As you can see, mine is not as bright and colourful as Veerle's, but it's comfortable and suits me (click the image for a 1024x768 pixel enlargement).

If you like this sort of thing you might enjoy the "Desk Gallery" thread I started over on Kustom PCs' forum back in 2003 and, on "Individualism", Gabriel-Paul Mihalache is running a "Desktops" thread that could use a few more contributions...

More Photographs

Project Iceberg: My custom built, water-cooled desktop computer:

Twin 18" TFT monitors for multi-tasking:

Desktop Gadgets. From left to right - Philips CS2 DECT telephone, Compaq iPAQ (H3850), Nokia 6310i cellular telephone and Apple 3G iPod.

Your Workspace

I'd love it if you posted images of your desktop/workspace/cubicle in the comments for this article. Upload your images to your web-server or an online imaging service and link to them in a comment using the following Markdown syntax:

![alternative text](http://your_domain/path/to/image.jpg "optional title")

You can also post a link to enlargements as required. Please keep inline image widths to 400 pixels (or less), enlargements can be any size.