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Content Worth Paying For

Date:  24th February, 2005


Jason Kottke has quit his web-design job and plans to make a living from full-time blogging. Ignoring traditional web revenue streams such as advertising, Kottke's aim is to persuade "micropatrons" to pay $30 per annum to support him.

Interestingly, micropatrons will receive nothing for their generosity (aside from a little "thank you" linkage) - Kottke has no plans to offer 'special "member" content or services'.

I can't help but admire Kottke for this bold move and I hope it all works out for him. It will be interesting to see if he can make his weblog support him.

However, when I look at the weblogs I subscribe to, I find there are very few (Kottke's included) that I would actually be prepared to pay for. Kottke's going to have work really hard to justify the expenditure.

Are there any weblogs whose content you value enough to warrant a paid subscription?