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The Musical Baton

Date:  17th May, 2005


Ryan Brill has passed the Musical Baton on to me (this could be embarrassing)...

Total Volume of Music On My Computer: 10.67GB

The Last CD I Bought: Kill Bill Vol. 1 [Soundtrack]

Song Playing Right Now: "Hideaway" from the album "Magic Hour" by Cast
(Note: This was the track I was listening to when I drafted this entry. An almost real-time display of the track currently playing in Apple's iTunes on my computer is usually available in the sidebar of the "Who Am I?" page)

Five Songs I Listen To a Lot:

  1. "Andante, Andante" by Abba
  2. "Prayer for You" by Texas
  3. "God Gave Rock and Roll To You" by Kiss
  4. "Slipped Away" by Avril Lavigne
  5. "Lucky Man" by The Verve

Now I'm supposed to pass the "baton" on. Unfortunately, every blogger whom I am on familiar terms with has already handled the baton, so I am simply picking five random bloggers from my blogroll for this (dubious) honour...

Five People To Whom I'm Passing the Baton: