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hello, i would like to know if you’d be interested in submitting content for a urban exploration magazine, easy question eh?

you should know the magazine is neither mass market commercial [IE not populising UE] nore will it break any laws [IE telling people to do it, advising on entry point etc] and general [to save myself from prison] will be a magazine in which good/fun/intersting stories are in, articles on sites, UE from around the globe, advise on safey and approach, advice on the legal aspects, and a forum for locations, chat ETC. it is written by urban explorers who follow the “dont steal, dont damage” philosophy who have been exploring for ten years we are manchester based but have travelled in our explorations., the magazine will be available by mail order only [so not to invite unwarrented public attention to UE] and will be pretty cheap.

we also want to organise gatherings and a community so to build a support base.

you part in this would be to submit content [stories, locals, words of wisdom, or anything interesting you may have] general people are submitting photos, reviews advice and a few have taken to illustations and peices of graphic design. we would ensure that no identities are given away if need be and you’ll be acknowledged and thanked/linked.

as another note we are looking for a team to meet up with and interview/photoshoot. if this interests you please let us know immediatly.

what else, oh yea the team working on the magazine is small and close, we dont have officies and were arn’t owned by any larger company and never will be. first issue will be available in two months and then on quartly will details of address being given to mailing list and from person to person. we welcome and invite all forms of urban explorers from those in love with abadoned sites to those who like living buildings, sewers,military or power plant.

ok thats it i guess,

you can contact me personnally on hadleys_hope@hotmail.com please referance UE in topic


Thu 26-Apr-2007,
14:24 hrs (GMT)