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A collection of images of Project Iceberg...

A gratuitous photo of my computer, the Iceberg. Notice how much desk space has been freed by the introduction of TFTs?

I have really enjoyed putting this rig together and love working on it. Best of all are the comments and awed looks from the boring beige box brigade. :-)

The gorgeous brushed aluminium of the Lian Li PC-6089 case was tainted by the sheer ugliness of beige devices in the bays. My decision to use black devices has made all the difference and really seems to work.

The attention to detail that Lian Li invest in their products is clearly visible in these front panel details.

One of the Antec "Nebula" fans in action. Under load, the brightness of these LEDs is sufficient to light the interior of the chassis with the cold cathode turned off (as it is in this shot)!

This shot was taken in the dark (obviously). No ambient light, no flash, the camera was tripod mounted.

You can clearly see how much light the unit puts out.

Notice the glow on the wall behind the machine: this is produced by the LEDs in the PSU and the rear "Nebula" fan. There is also some leakage from the cold cathod through the vents at bottom of the tower.

It's almost light enough to read by!

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