RC F-16… With Afterburner

I’m damned if this isn’t the most amazing radio-controlled aircraft I’ve ever seen. Check out the afterburner effect. How much does one of these babies cost? How long does it take to put together? Can I have one? Please?

Great flying too!

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  1. Is this for sale?! That’s freaking awesome!!!

  2. I don’t know Nichole. But I agree, it’s freaking awesome. I bet it’s cost a bit to build. I imagine there’s a few grand there at least. Can you buy me one too? :-)

  3. how could i get one of these please email me back

    thanks brad

  4. I’m not sure Brad. I’m sure you can find out more with a little judicious Googling. Let us know how you get on eh? :-)

  5. I would imagine with the radio, light system, retracts and the engine that plane is worth at least 15,000 US dollars (not including man hours). Normal turbine engines for these models typically go for about 2-4K a piece and this one has an afterburner. Its an expensive toy so make sure you know what you’re doing before investing!

  6. Actually my uncle builds professionally for people and if you are truly interested I could email over photos of his work….It takes him about 4-6 months to complete something like this and I know he isn’t cheap But seriously if you’re interested lemme know. Matt

  7. Isn’t the afterburner seen in this video just a lighting effect? I thought it was just a series of red LEDs.

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