10 Sexy Macintosh Workspaces

I want to remodel my rather drab and cold computer workspace1 but I’m not quite sure what I want to do with the small amount of space my Macintosh lives in. And so I’ve spent a few hours browsing through workspace photos on Flickr for inspiration and, adopting ideas from a variety of home and office photographs, I think I’ll be able to create the perfect workspace for myself.

What follows is a gallery of those workspaces I found most appealing, with a concise commentary on what qualities appealed to me.

1. I love the simplicity and warmth of this workspace. The lighting here looks absolutely perfect for long hours in front of the computer. I think the desk lamps are gorgeous2 and the lack of visible cabling is very appealing.

2. The DIY desk made from reclaimed timber looks great and provides a marvellous juxtaposition with the modern iMacs. Click the image to see the original which includes a home-made “http” artwork which is not visible in this crop.

3. Great lighting in a compact space (which pretty much mirrors the size of my workspace). Sweet artwork too.

4. Ultra high-tech computer system, highly polished mahogany and good artwork… all set in a grungy, undecorated basement. Another appealing juxtaposition.

5. Crisp brilliant-white walls and clean hardwood flooring, contrasting beautifully with the dark mahogany. The plants enhance the appeal of this minimalist workspace.

6. The highlight of this set-up has to be the 3 × 20″ Apple Cinema Displays… sweet! I think this user has created a very elegant workstation indeed. I love how the triple displays wrap around the user and the wireless keyboard and mouse greatly contribute to the tidiness of this rig. The user has also made a great effort at cable management — something that’s not easy at all with a clear glass desktop. Outstanding.

7. Oh rapture — an Aeron chair for this compact and discreet workstation. Check out that amazing staircase too!

8. Very homely and non-intrusive. The wallpaper3 is awesome too — can anyone identify the source? I don’t like the blue table-top nor the cable-spaghetti but the overall impression is positive. I’d definitely end up banging my head on that beam though!

9. I adore the orange walls and have always loved Venetian blinds.

10. Guitars as artwork. I like it. I might be tempted to buy a guitar off eBay just so that I can use it for decoration and the “cool” factor.

11. Yes, I can count. I know there’s only supposed to be 10 images, but how could I resist? Any workspace that is equipped with a young lady as beautiful as she is constitutes a “Sexy Workspace” in my book. What’s she doing under the desk?4 Anyone know her number or email address?5

Do you have a classy Macintosh workspace? Post an image on Flickr (or your preferred image host) and provide a link in the comments. I need all the inspiration I can get.

  1. Actually I want to redecorate and refit my whole house, but that’s another story. 
  2. Where do these come from? Make, model, supplier anyone? Let me know in the comments. 
  3. The wallpaper on the wall, not the desktop wallpaper. 
  4. That’s a rhetorical question folks, I have a vivid imagination too! 
  5. Of course I’m joking, kind of… unless… 

5 Reader Comments for “10 Sexy Macintosh Workspaces”

  1. I love your setup as it is now. I guess it’s getting a bit boring for you but for someone looking at it for the first time it’s really quite nice. I also loved your setup from 2006!

    From the ones you posted above, I love the second one and the tenth one the best. Now you’ve inspired me to do something with my office.

  2. Well thanks for the compliments Kevin. You’re right in that, sitting here almost everyday, I am bored with a workspace that has become stale and uninspiring for me. I like freshness, simplicity & minimalism and my workspace has none of these qualities at present. It doesn’t help that I have an extremely compact work area - it’s a small house and my computer is set up in an alcove in my bedroom. I bought a desk that is simply too big for the space it occupies and I didn’t invest in enough storage - so my desk is cluttered and cramped.

    I need to completely rethink the whole room. I am starting to get ideas for this space now though and if I plan and design properly I should be able to maximise on what I have here. I need to redecorate, put up some shelving and buy some decent drawers/cupboards for storage. I am also considering a custom-built desk for this small alcove and I am probably going to wall-mount my 30” ACD to free up some more space. I also plan to use my MessagePad as my main note-taking medium which should allow me to get rid of the mass of printouts, notepads and Post It notes under which my computer is currently buried.

    If I get it right, it’ll end up being a nice place to work… instead of a depressing one.

  3. @Kevin: I’d have to say that pictures numbered 1 & 4 are my favourites. But there are elements in all the photographs that I can visualise in my own “perfect” set up.

  4. Oh hey that’s a really nice workspace Misfit. I love the minimalism and clean lines. Great furniture and artwork too. Cheers.

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