Processing: A New Art Form

I am becoming increasingly impressed and intrigued by the multimedia produced with the Processing framework. There are some stunning artworks and videos emerging and it’s all serving to make me ever more curious about the capabilities of the system.

A lot of the work produced reminds me of the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST demo scene of the eighties and I find myself feeling terribly nostalgic.

But Processing isn’t just about art — the framework is also used for some very serious data visualisation too.

It’s all very impressive.

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  1. You know for some reason I completely skipped the Amiga. I cut my gaming teeth on Commodore’s Vic-20 and 64 respectively but then sort of forgot about all things video game until I bought a SNES. I think I might have missed out on something special.

  2. Yes Kevin I think you did. Some of the Atari ST demos were very good but on the Amiga demos were in another league.

    The graphics hardware of the Amiga was just so hackable and the guys who really knew the platform were able to make those chips perform way beyond what their designers probably intended. The Amiga was capable of producing pure eye candy - amazing considering the limited (by today’s standards) hardware.

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