39 Years Ago

It’s my 39th birthday today. And in other news from 1969…

  • The Internet is born. RFC 1 is published. The first computer-to-computer link is established on Arpanet.
  • Led Zeppelin release their first album.
  • Rock band The Who release Tommy, the first rock opera.
  • John Lennon and Yoko Ono get married in Gibraltar. Give Peace a Chance is recorded. The Beatles perform their last public performance on the roof of Apple Records, the impromptu concert is broken up by the police. The album Abbey Road is released in the UK. John Lennon returns his MBE medal to protest the British government’s support of the U.S. war in Vietnam.
  • Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones drowns in his swimming pool. The Rolling Stones release the classic album Let It Bleed.
  • Apollo 11 lands on the Moon and Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin become the first humans to walk on its surface.
  • The first broadcast of Monty Python’s Flying Circus is transmitted in the UK. Sesame Street, the famous children’s television programme debuts.
  • Capital Punishment is ended in the UK.
  • James Earl Ray pleads guilty to assassinating Martin Luther King Jr. Ray would later retract his guilty plea.
  • The Hawker Siddeley Harrier (Jump Jet) enters service with the RAF. The Concorde supersonic airliner breaks the sound barrier for the first time. The Boeing 747 makes its maiden flight.
  • The British ocean liner Queen Elizabeth 2 departs on her maiden voyage to New York City.

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