DWotW #2

Desktop Wallpaper of the Week: Yep, sorry folks - I know that I suggested I’d publish one of these every week… but… look I’m a busy guy okay? Anyway, without further ado, let me offer this stunning new wallpaper for your desktop - it’s a post-apocalyptic view of the city of London including such famous landmarks as Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Houses of Parliament. Once again I have absolutely no idea where I got this… I’d love to acquire details of the original artist so that I can credit him/her accordingly.

You can download the full-size version here (1,600 × 1,000 pixels).

BONUS: Because I failed to meet my weekly requirement I am presenting a second wallpaper. Not post-apocalyptic, this one’s of the actual apocalypse itself. Could you possibly ask for anything more? And, believe it or not, I’m able to actually credit the artist this time. The image is called Tower Bridge and the artist is Phyzer.

You can download the full-size version here (1,280 × 960 pixels).

4 Reader Comments for “DWotW #2”

  1. Awesome. A nice bit of doom & gloom never hurt anyone right?

  2. LMAO. Hey I’m not saying I’d like to see London go or anything… but, you know, if global-warming isn’t just some money-spinning conspiracy this might just happen. Why do you think I live on a hill? ;-)

  3. Gorgeous! I have a fetish for post-apocalyptic stuff.

  4. So do I Joen, so do I.

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