Bluejake is a photoblog published by Brooklyn-based photographer, Jake Dobkin. It focuses mainly on the urban landscape and features some fantastic photography.

The photo above is from a set documenting an abandoned school in Harlem.

This building looked like it had been empty for twenty years. Trees were growing out of the floors and poking out of dozens of holes in the roof. All the windows were gone, and the floors that weren’t covered with snow were thick with dust and the skeletons of dead pigeons. There wasn’t any evidence of human habitation – no footprints, homeless encampments, or graffiti.

[via: Kottke]

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  1. Those photos are amazing. What a cool find, I would love to photograph something like that.

  2. So would I Kevin. I love urban exploration. There’s something strangely compelling about visiting a site that’s no longer in use and I love searching for artefacts in places like this. It’s almost like travelling back in time.

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