Everest by Infrared

I’m a bit of a sucker for the often surreal results of infrared photography. Unfortunately I don’t have a spare camera body that I am prepared to sacrifice to an IR conversion, nor would I take enough pictures in infrared to justify a dedicated IR body. So I was delighted when, quite by chance, I came across a free Photoshop action that converts regular images into passable IR-alike ones.

And so my day has been spent post-processing regular photographs with the IR Photoshop action to see what kind of images it works best with.The image of Mount Everest above is particularly stunning - for me, it was the best of the bunch. Anyway, take a look at my IR set on Flickr to see just how good this action is.

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  1. What a great idea. The Pacific Bench is my fave I think.

  2. Yes that’s a cool image too. The effect is very pleasing and with the right image it’s a knockout. I’m considering a framed, enlarged print of the Everest photo too - it really pleases me.

  3. Link: 101 Absolutely Breathtaking Infrared Photographs

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