// 21.Aug.2009

I’m Still Here!

To anyone out there on the ol’ Interweb who still reads this… I know it may appear that this website has fallen victim to neglect but, believe me, that’s just an illusion.

I’m still here folks. I’m still working away in the engine room of this website. I’m still hacking the code. I’m still making subtle changes to the UI and the design… I know I’m only making painfully slow progress, but ’tis progress nonetheless.

The simple fact is that I am currently swamped with work (which is every freelancer’s dream, and nightmare). As a consequence of this, the poor old Urban Mainframe takes second place because, obviously, I have to pay the rent.

In the immortal words of the T-800 Model 101, “I’ll be back!”

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3 Comments for “I’m Still Here!”

  1. The geek in me would love to have a gander at the fullsize version of that pic of your desktop

  2. Oh go on then Kevin, since you’re twisting my arm: OS X Desktop. Enjoy!

  3. The desktop wallpaper visible in that screen capture is St. Paul’s Cathedral by Kishor Krishnamoorthi.