// 29.Aug.2009

Piccadilly Circus, 1949

Found on the Interweb. I just really like this photograph and thought I’d share it.

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6 Comments for “Piccadilly Circus, 1949”

  1. Wow, I took a look at the progression over time.

    Wikipedia has a whole bunch of images, even from the 1800s.


  2. You’re absolutely right Noah. The progression is a fascinating study. The 1949 photo I posted really resonated with me though.

    Damn, I love those cars too (how sad)!

  3. The colour processing is sublime!

  4. I’ve been trying to figure out what the photo reminded me of and I suddenly realised that it makes me think of the scenes of old Chicago from the movie The Sting (starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman).

    Can anyone spot the guy with the tommy-gun in the photo?

  5. What an amazing photo.

  6. I posted it just to tease you Kevin… just to make you a little bit homesick!