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IKEA Font Madness

So what’s my RSS reader filled with at the moment? War in Afghanistan? Lockerbie bomber returned to Libya? Fires raging out of control in California? Violence in South Africa?

No, none of the above. It seems the big news at the moment is that Ikea, Swedish purveyor of cheap shite, has changed its font from a Futura variant to Verdana. Yes, stop the world, you read that right. Ikea, how could you?

I have to ask, how have we become so fucked up as a society that this is even considered newsworthy? Please, someone, explain this to me!

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4 Comments for “IKEA Font Madness”

  1. Oh I couldn’t agree more. When I read about this on various news sites I was saying to myself “…and I care because?”.

  2. Much ado about nothing eh Kevin? All this vitriol over a typeface seems so completely pointless. Is it because it’s a Microsoft font?

  3. I think it’s because Verdana was made to be read easily at small sizes on screens, not for Ikea catalogues, and it does kind of look a little bit shit.

    I haven’t really noticed much vitriol myself though. This very article is 50% of everything I’ve read. Is it really being reported on news sites? I suppose it is the summer and that. I think the graphic design criticism blogs can be sort of forgiven.

  4. Okay, so a typography professional might be a little bit excited by this but that doesn’t explain why it’s made headlines in The Guardian, Time, Business Week, The Chicago Tribune, MSNBC…

    It’s mad. I remember reading a comment from some nutcase somewhere who proclaimed that he/she wouldn’t buy another thing from Ikea until they changed their font back again! Can you imagine that? That’s just madness.

    Like you said Josh, it’s the summer and news is slow (if we forget about all the wars, fires, terrorists, etc.)

    Crazy, crazy world.

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