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The Truth is Out There

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  1. Ha, as Perl programmer I did laugh at this. Although there is much Perl-XML goodness to be found in XML::LibXML

  2. Thanks for the link

    I love Perl, as it was the first dynamic language that I was really productive with (and it has a certain linguistic flair). But like XML, it can quickly make simple things … not simple (Ruby and Python OTOH seem to invite reduced complexity, at least in my experience). I still love Perl and the BF-CPAN, but have seen and caused too many big old messes with it. Nifty language, however.

  3. @Kevin: It’s true. XML::LibXML is pretty neat. I’ve used it myself many times.

    @mx: I love Perl too. Despite my forays into other languages, Perl is where I feel most at home. The performance of mod_perl always stuns me and CPAN is just about the best resource for programmers ever. Perl wouldn’t be half as cool without CPAN. Even so, your graphic struck a chord and I couldn’t resist the temptation to post it here.

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