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7 Cool Websites You Might Not Know About

Photo Credit: "The Parade of Autumn Begins Today" by Brian Hathcock

"Something for the weekend sir?"

If you're a little bored this weekend why not check out some of these great websites? There's some amazing content here and I guarantee that you'll be able to kill a few hours with these exciting Internet destinations.

Graffiti is a commonly misunderstood form of illegal art. Graffiti is done on walls, buses, trains, and other forms of private and public property, often without permission (thus the 'illegal' part). Graffiti Resource is a website devoted to graffiti.

Thingiverse is a place for you to share your digital designs with the world. Just as computing shifted away from the mainframe into the personal computer that you use today, digital fabrication will possibly share the same path. In fact, it is already happening: laser cutters, CNC machines, 3D printers and even automated paper cutters are all getting cheaper by the day. These machines are useful for a huge variety of things, but you need to supply them with a digital design in order to get anything useful out of them. Thingiverse is an attempt to create a community of people who create and share designs freely, so that all can benefit from them.

Samuel Trojanovich's website is a real gem. Featuring stunning photography and an entertaining blog — it's well worth checking out.

MephoBox is a web-design gallery with a difference. Rather than feature websites as a whole, MephoBox highlights specific areas of a given website for attention. For example, MephoBox features collections of 404 Error pages, neat backgrounds, good typography, and so on. A fantastic resource for inspiration.

I Am Shimone: The lifestream of Shimone Samuel. Great design and content.

Mommy Brained: I usually avoid websites like this in the same way that I'd avoid a loaded gun. But you simply have to read some of the posts this 30-something, Texas-based, "stay-at-home mom" has written because she's absolutely fucking hilarious. Highly recommended.

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  1. Dude! Thanks for the shout out! Glad my incoherent blabber is amusing someone.

  2. You’re the best Mimi. I love your style. Your personality and humour really comes through in your writing. You crack me up. Keep ‘em coming!