// 24.Oct.2009

Piracy and the App Store

Smells Like Donkey are suffering at the hands of software piracy:

Once the phone is rebooted, all you have to do is download a cracked version of the app from one of the MANY places on the internet, add it to iTunes, sync, and you are done. NOTE: Surprisingly this is MUCH easier than actually buying it on iTunes!

What a fucked-up situation that is.

Because Apple has been fairly slow to respond to this and because piracy is becoming very commonplace, we’re predicting that developers will be taking it into their own hands to try and prevent it. Detecting a pirated app is quite simple to do so I wouldn’t blame them at all. We’re even considering doing a few things.

They should too. I think it’s pretty sad that pirates are stealing a game that costs just $3.99 (US). Come on guys, surely you can afford $3.99?

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