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Redesign Sparks Global Celebration

Fans of the Urban Mainframe celebrate the redesign at massive tribute party. Photo Credit: Caesar Sebastian

The World-Wide Web was rocked earlier today by the launch of a new home-page design on the hitherto obscure Urban Mainframe website. The design of the home-page stunned visitors with its sheer beauty and the sophisticated functionality that appears to be behind it.

Whilst specific details are few at this time, sources suggest that the redesign is the result of a multi-million dollar research and development programme and over 30 man-years of effort.

Bono: Planning tribute concert

Amid a growing media frenzy, the new Urban Mainframe home-page has resulted in impromptu street parties around the globe. In London the festivities were widely reported as being bigger than the New Year’s Eve celebrations. In New York, U2’s Bono spoke of a massive celebratory benefit concert that is said to be in the early stages planning.

Rumours about a redesign first started to spread following a seemingly innocuous comment that appeared recently on the social networking site, Twitter. This was followed by a leaked screen capture purporting to be a design mock-up which was posted on the imaging behemoth, Flickr. Both were immediately denounced as fakes by Urban Mainframe personnel, but their authenticity has now been confirmed.

Sergey Brin, co-founder, Google

Google co-founder, Sergey Brin, has described the Urban Mainframe home-page as, “a quantum leap in web design,” fueling speculation that a billion-dollar acquisition of the UK-based developers, by the search giant, will soon follow.

Within the web development community, the impact of the design has been more widely felt than perhaps anywhere else. Acclaimed web-designer and author Jeffrey Zeldman was overheard to say, “that’s it for me, I’m out of the web-design business. The Urban Mainframe has redefined web-design and I can’t compete.”

Speaking from a developer conference in San Francisco, Jim Coudal — President of Coudal Partners, a small design/creative studio in Chicago — said that the Urban Mainframe had “pushed the state-of-the-art to higher plane.”

Molly E. Holzschlag, well-known Web standards advocate, instructor and author, expressed delight when shown the revised Urban Mainframe home-page, “My God, it’s simply gorgeous!”

Jonathan M. Hollin, the developer of the groundbreaking home-page, has reportedly gone into hiding as the wave of public euphoria and adoration catapults him into the ranks of celebrity. Rumours of a pending knighthood for the rockstar designer have been vigourously denied by Buckingham Palace.

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  1. Ha. I’m still giggling. Nicely done. Oh, and the redesign if really nice too.

  2. Why thank you kind sir. I thought I’d try out a new style of writing - it’s amazing, the bullshit flows so easily from me!