// 31.Dec.2009

10 WordPress Dashboard Hacks

A large part of my professional work involves the build and deployment of WordPress-based websites. Now as any designers/developers among you will appreciate, it can be extremely annoying frustrating to sign off a build only to come back later to see that your client has (inadvertantly) messed things up because WordPress has placed too much power in their hands.

I was delighted then to read "10 WordPress Dashboard Hacks" because there are some really useful code snippets presented therein:

  • Remove Dashboard Menus: At last I can remove certain menus from the client's view — whilst obviously still leaving full control for the Admin user
  • Define Login and Dashboard Logos: Great for branding.
  • Disable the "Please Upgrade Now" message: I never want my clients to do this. I think this is one of my responsibilities.
  • Customise Dashboard Widgets: Again, it's about keeping control. Not exposing the client to things which could be hazardous.
  • Provide Help Messages: Because they're helpful (if done correctly).

Some of these are definitely going to be rolled out on to some of my client's sites in the near future.

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