So what’s this website all about then?

Nothing, nada! This is a personal website that serves no purpose whatsoever. It is a blatant waste of bandwidth and precious computer resources. It is a blight on the otherwise pure landscape of the Internet (yeah right!). It is meaningless drivel, the ramblings of a sad geek who has nothing better to do.

One thing’s for sure, you’re not going to find the meaning of life here.

Okay. So why “Urban Mainframe”, what’s that all about?

Why not? You try finding a vacant domain name these days and let’s see what you come up with…

When I started my career in computing I worked on an NCR V-8875 mainframe. This computer was located in a purpose built room in a delicately controlled environment. The computer and its peripherals filled the room. It was a monolithic machine and its purpose was invoicing and stock control. Fast forward a couple of decades, and I sit here writing this on a computer small enough to sit on the corner of my desk. This computer has more power than a cluster of 8875’s, it has a photographic quality display, studio quality sound and crunches a SETI unit every two hours. It sits in a room with no environmental controls, it is powered off the standard, domestic ring mains and it is virtually entirely self-contained. It is truly an Urban Mainframe.

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