// 01.Feb.2009

Flickr’s Finest

A friend sent me a link to flickr’s finest a new website offering “a handpicked collection of flickr’s finest photos & artworks.”

I like it. It’s a well designed site and, sure enough, the imagery catalogued there is absolutely first class. Of course, art is a subjective thing, but the editors behind flickr’s finest do seem to have a knack of finding incredible pieces. As a source of inspiration it’s a good resource and one that I will certainly be returning to again and again.

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// 31.Jan.2009

Tetris Art

Tetris street art in Abercrombie Lane, Sydney, Australia. Cool as fuck!

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// 05.Jan.2009

DWotW #3

Desktop Wallpaper of the Week: This week’s image is one of a set of themed desktop wallpaper’s by photographer John Carey of fiftyfootshadows.net. The vintage microphone photographed with a sepia tint evokes images of a bygone age and I love the simplicity of the composition too.

You can download the full-size version here (1,920 × 1,200 pixels).
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// 01.Jan.2009

Structure Synth and Sunflow

These are worth keeping an eye on: Structure Synth is a simple language for writing recursive scripts that can generate complex structures. Think of it like Processing, but in 3D. Sunflow is a rendering engine that excels at realistic lighting. [via]

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// 29.Dec.2008

iPod Commercial

Apple iPod Commercial
Photo Credit: “iPod+iTunes Island Ad” by Ben.a

I am serving hundreds of 404 errors each day for visitors who are coming to this website via a search for variants on the phrase “iPod Commercial” (and, less commonly, “iPod Silhouette”). I thinks this stems from a post from way back in 2004 (in the previous incarnation of this weblog) which described my unbridled joy at having purchased my first iPod.

“iPod Commercial” is by far the most frequently used search term that brings new visitors here. So, rather than alienate those visitors (and potential subscribers), I’ve decided to publish this to at least give them something for their troubles.

Now I can do some mod_rewrite magic to get those visitors to this page and maybe make my error logs a bit more manageable.

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// 28.Dec.2008

The Ultimate Banksy Graffiti Gallery

While necessarily incomplete due to the breadth and volume of Banksy’s artwork, this collection gathers over 100 essential pieces that tell key stories about his aims, personality and history.

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// 26.Dec.2008

DWotW #2

Desktop Wallpaper of the Week: Yep, sorry folks - I know that I suggested I’d publish one of these every week… but… look I’m a busy guy okay? Anyway, without further ado, let me offer this stunning new wallpaper for your desktop - it’s a post-apocalyptic view of the city of London including such famous landmarks as Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Houses of Parliament. Once again I have absolutely no idea where I got this… I’d love to acquire details of the original artist so that I can credit him/her accordingly.

You can download the full-size version here (1,600 × 1,000 pixels).

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// 25.Dec.2008

10 Most Innovative Concert Visuals ‘08

To inspire other video artists/video art lovers, and to spread the word about the importance of video art/visuals in concerts.

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// 01.Dec.2008

DWotW #1

Desktop Wallpaper of the Week: The first in what I hope to make a regular feature. Unfortunately I have no idea where I downloaded this image from, what it is titled or who the artist is but I think it is simply stunning and thought I’d share it here. You can download the full-size version here (1,680×1,050 pixels).

If anyone has any idea of the origin of this image then please let me know in the comments so that he/she can be properly credited.


// 02.Nov.2008

Context Free Art

I must confess that I am an addict. I have become addicted to creating computer-generated images. Having recently posted about Processing and Oxidizer, I have found another image generator called “Context Free.”

Context Free “is a program that generates images from written instructions called a grammar. The program follows the instructions in a few seconds to create images that can contain millions of shapes.”

Creating images with the software is a piece of cake. One can download from a gallery of “grammar” files or create your own scripts. Downloaded scripts can have their output modified by entering a three-character code into the Context Free application, leading to millions of permutations of the work.

It’s a fascinating program to play around with and some of the output is simply stunning.

Best of all — the software is free, open-source and is available for Windows, OS X and various flavours of Unix.

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