// 19.Oct.2008

Replicating Rapid Prototyping Machine

The promise of advanced fabrication technology that can copy itself is a truly remarkable concept with far reaching implications.

- Sir James Dyson, 17th April 2007.

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// 03.Oct.2008

Blinkenlights: The Beginning

The epic history of the Blinkenlights project in advance of a whole new Blinkenlights installation in Toronto, Canada - Stereoscope. Learn more about Project Blinkenlights.

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// 28.Aug.2008

Chase Jarvis: Advance Testing the Nikon D90

The much-anticipated (especially by yours truly) Nikon D90 has Live View, a 12.3 megapixel sensor (shared with the D300), GPS tagging and shoots HD720p video! I’m suffering from gadget envy yet again. [via]

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// 25.Aug.2008

15 Stunning Cutting-Edge Gadgets and Technologies

The pace of technology steadily increases, new fields of science are heavily explored and innovative concepts emerge almost every day, resulting in stunning and overwhelming products. The impact of these products can be tremendous: in fact, new technology can completely revolutionize the way we play, communicate, work and live our lives. Some of these products are just eye-candy, some are useful, some are visionary and some may become revolutionary in the next years.

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// 17.Aug.2008

Lenovo ThinkPad W700

Lenova has announced the ThinkPad W700, a laptop featuring a trio of snazzy features that are sure to impress designers, graphic artists, photographers and CAD artists. The W700 has an integral Wacom tablet, a professional grade, WUXGA display with 400 nit brightness and an auto colour-calibration sensor that allows for on-the-fly adjustments. If that’s not enough to make you salivate then notice the separate numerical keypad and the fingerprint scanner - sweet!

The machine also boasts some fairly impressive specifications including:

  • 3 GHz Core 2 Extreme quad-core processor
  • up to 8GB DDR3 RAM
  • 1GB NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700M graphics
  • dual HDD bays offering RAID 0 or 1 configurations (SSDs are an option)

There are other goodies too!

But what a butt-ugly machine it is. I mean seriously, can’t Jonathan Ive be cloned and installed in every hardware designers shop? I’d hate to have to type on that thing - the keyboard looks to be awkwardly placed relative to the front edge of the case.

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// 15.Jul.2008

Mac Tablet

Hack a Mac laptop to be a Mac tablet in 15 minutes, or DIY Cintiq!

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// 07.Jul.2008

HP TouchSmart IQ500 Series PC

Come on Apple, you can beat this! [via]

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// 29.Jun.2008

RC F-16… With Afterburner

I’m damned if this isn’t the most amazing radio-controlled aircraft I’ve ever seen. Check out the afterburner effect. How much does one of these babies cost? How long does it take to put together? Can I have one? Please?

Great flying too!

Aw heck dude, you need to enable JavaScript and install the QuickTime Player if you want to watch this thrilling video!