// 15.Jan.2009


Bluejake is a photoblog published by Brooklyn-based photographer, Jake Dobkin. It focuses mainly on the urban landscape and features some fantastic photography.

The photo above is from a set documenting an abandoned school in Harlem.

This building looked like it had been empty for twenty years. Trees were growing out of the floors and poking out of dozens of holes in the roof. All the windows were gone, and the floors that weren’t covered with snow were thick with dust and the skeletons of dead pigeons. There wasn’t any evidence of human habitation – no footprints, homeless encampments, or graffiti.

[via: Kottke]


// 03.Jan.2009

Fascination Burnout

“I am fascinated,” I insisted, “That’s the problem. I am suffering from fascination burnout. Of all the things that are fascinating, I have to choose just one or two.” — This is just how I feel!

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// 31.Dec.2008

Backyard Shed Turned Home Office

Brian DeHamer needed a home office but lived in a crowded house, so instead he used extra space out behind his garage.

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// 29.Dec.2008

The New Fog Creek Office

Damn, I wish I were smart enough to be employed by Fog Creek. Their new offices are cool as hell - I’d never leave work! Hire me Joel - I’ll code for free!


// 29.Dec.2008

Solving the Rubik’s Cube in 16 Seconds

The Fridrich Method is a collection of more than 50 algorithms for solving the Rubik’s Cube. Developed by Dr. Jessica Fridrich, a Binghamton University electrical engineering professor, it is currently the fastest way to solve the Cube.


// 25.Dec.2008

Season’s Greetings

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// 24.Dec.2008

How to Launch a New Product

Jason Calacanis explains how they launched Mahalo Answers, including tips or running your own PR (Jason used to be a reporter so he’s played both sides of that fence). [via]

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// 14.Dec.2008

Every Man Needs Adventure

Wake up. Head to work. Work. Head Home. Dinner. Sleep. Repeat. Is this as good as it gets?

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// 30.Nov.2008


For word lovers and those who like to see our beloved English language grow in serious or humourous ways. Great design and functionality. Beautiful typography. Wonderfully fun. Highly recommended.

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// 17.Nov.2008

Link Anthology #2

Due to work and other commitments it’s been a while since I last posted here. In the meantime my RSS client periodically trawled the great ocean of the Internet and landed a rather decent catch of prime linkage. So, without further ado, I present a link anthology - the very best that’s passed before my radar over the last week or so. Continue Reading…

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