// 15.Feb.2009

DWotW #4

Desktop Wallpaper of the Week: This wallpaper is an HDR image of New York City at night. The photo was taken by Paulo Barcellos Jr. and is licensed as Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0.

You can download the full-size version here (3,024 × 1,998 pixels).

Afterthought: I really shouldn’t call this series “Desktop Wallpaper of the Week” as I’ve never maintained a weekly schedule with these images. But “Desktop Wallpaper of the Completely Random and Unpredictable Publication Timetable” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it does it?

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// 01.Feb.2009

Flickr’s Finest

A friend sent me a link to flickr’s finest a new website offering “a handpicked collection of flickr’s finest photos & artworks.”

I like it. It’s a well designed site and, sure enough, the imagery catalogued there is absolutely first class. Of course, art is a subjective thing, but the editors behind flickr’s finest do seem to have a knack of finding incredible pieces. As a source of inspiration it’s a good resource and one that I will certainly be returning to again and again.

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// 25.Jan.2009

Everest by Infrared

I’m a bit of a sucker for the often surreal results of infrared photography. Unfortunately I don’t have a spare camera body that I am prepared to sacrifice to an IR conversion, nor would I take enough pictures in infrared to justify a dedicated IR body. So I was delighted when, quite by chance, I came across a free Photoshop action that converts regular images into passable IR-alike ones.

And so my day has been spent post-processing regular photographs with the IR Photoshop action to see what kind of images it works best with.The image of Mount Everest above is particularly stunning - for me, it was the best of the bunch. Anyway, take a look at my IR set on Flickr to see just how good this action is.


// 15.Jan.2009


Bluejake is a photoblog published by Brooklyn-based photographer, Jake Dobkin. It focuses mainly on the urban landscape and features some fantastic photography.

The photo above is from a set documenting an abandoned school in Harlem.

This building looked like it had been empty for twenty years. Trees were growing out of the floors and poking out of dozens of holes in the roof. All the windows were gone, and the floors that weren’t covered with snow were thick with dust and the skeletons of dead pigeons. There wasn’t any evidence of human habitation – no footprints, homeless encampments, or graffiti.

[via: Kottke]


// 05.Jan.2009

DWotW #3

Desktop Wallpaper of the Week: This week’s image is one of a set of themed desktop wallpaper’s by photographer John Carey of fiftyfootshadows.net. The vintage microphone photographed with a sepia tint evokes images of a bygone age and I love the simplicity of the composition too.

You can download the full-size version here (1,920 × 1,200 pixels).
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// 29.Dec.2008

The Beauty of Street Photography

Street photographers strive to capture the life and culture of city streets, searching for what Henri Cartier-Bresson, probably the most famous street photographer of all, termed the ‘Decisive Moment’. Smashing Magazine celebrates the diversity and livelinesss of the world’s streets by presenting you 50 excellent examples of street photography, urban photography and photo-journalism.

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// 01.Dec.2008

DWotW #1

Desktop Wallpaper of the Week: The first in what I hope to make a regular feature. Unfortunately I have no idea where I downloaded this image from, what it is titled or who the artist is but I think it is simply stunning and thought I’d share it here. You can download the full-size version here (1,680×1,050 pixels).

If anyone has any idea of the origin of this image then please let me know in the comments so that he/she can be properly credited.


// 01.Nov.2008

The Commons

The hidden treasures of the world’s public photography archives.

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// 16.Oct.2008


A simple little service where you upload photos of your desk. Why? Well, the idea is that it’s fun to invite the world to see where you work.

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// 12.Oct.2008

Darren and Rachael’s Wedding

On June 21st 2008 my sister, Rachael, married her husband, Darren — and I was given the great honour of photographing their wedding. Today, following months of getting to grips with Apple’s Aperture 2 and Adobe’s Photoshop CS3, I am delighted to present a selection of my favourite photographs from that day.

All photos were taken with my Nikon D80 DSLR camera. The lenses used were the Nikon 50mm f/1.8 D and the Nikon 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5 AF-S DX. I also used the Nikon Speedlight SB-600 flash unit both on-camera and as a remote slave. I shot exclusively in RAW and post-processed all photos with Aperture on my Apple Power Mac G5. A handful of photos were further processed in Photoshop for various effects. Click any photograph to view an enlargement.

We begin with the obligatory portrait of Rachael taken once the hairdresser had finished doing her thing. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?
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