// 02.Nov.2008


ARPWatch/Log Watcher — A tool that monitors your network activity and keeps a record of IP/Mac address pairings and firewall logs. It will give a warning when it notices any suspicious activity, like any changes in Mac address or any connection attempt to the firewall. [via]

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// 22.Sep.2008

Encrypt Mail, Address Book, and iCal Data

Learn how to create an encrypted sparse disk image that mounts and unmounts on login/logout. With symbolic links in the proper places, Mail, Address Book, and iCal are none the wiser, and you can be reasonably assured that your private data will stay secure.

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// 13.Sep.2008


Hosted Ruby on Rails platform with high availability “elastic” scaling.

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// 13.Sep.2008

10 Principles of the PHP Masters

PHP masters show us the best principles to follow for high-grade PHP programming.

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// 10.Aug.2008

An Illustrated Guide to the Kaminsky DNS Vulnerability

This paper covers how DNS works: first at a high level, then by picking apart an individual packet exchange field by field. Next, we’ll use this knowledge to see how weaknesses in common implementations can lead to cache poisoning. [via]

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// 05.Jul.2008


A semi-automated, largely passive web application security audit tool, optimized for an accurate and sensitive detection, and automatic annotation, of potential problems and security-relevant design patterns based on the observation of existing, user-initiated traffic in complex web 2.0 environments.

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// 23.Jun.2008

Reset OS X Password Without an OS X CD

A way to get around not knowing the administrator password on a Macintosh.

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// 22.Jun.2008


Free open-source disk encryption software for Windows Vista/XP, Mac OS X, and Linux.

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