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display name: The name that is displayed to represent you (in comments and forums for example). You can enter your real name here or, if you are concerned about your privacy, you can enter an alias. Not your "username".

password: New passwords must be entered twice to eliminate the possibility of typographical errors.

accept email: When you post a public comment (either on individual pages, or in the forums) you are credited as the author. When the "accept email" option is enabled, other users will be able to send you email by clicking on your "display name". You should note that, in order to protect your privacy, your email address is never revealed to a third party, nor published in any way on our website... Users who wish to email you can only do so indirectly via our email relay system.

options: While you are in "My Settings" you have "options" links that provide access to the various options available to you. Other options allow you to change your email address (subject to a verification process) and review your mailing list subscriptions (where applicable).

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