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urbanmainframe.com: revision 2

Date:  Tue, 3rd-Feb-2004prevnext

Tags: CMS, Urban Mainframe, Website Development

Welcome to the second revision of urbanmainframe.com...

I have completely redesigned the website and its CMS in a move towards valid XHTML. I have also deployed CSS in an effort to seperate content from design.

As it stands, the website is still in a transitional phase, but I have decided to release it anyway to solicit some feedback and to [hopefully] benefit from the depth of testing that an extended audience automatically brings.

The CMS offers several new features over the previous version and I am constantly extending and improving it, so you should see the gradual introduction of many more features.

While most of the pages now validate successfully for both XHTML and CSS, I haven't tested this completely. Nor have I tested in any browser other than Mozilla Firebird and Internet Explorer 6. Therefore, I would appreciate it if you could let me know of any problems you might encounter whilst using the website. If you do, please describe the conditions under which the error occurred (browser, OS, etc) and the URL of the broken page. I would also appreciate a screenshot (where possible) as this would assist me where I might be unable to replicate the error based on your description alone.

The content is also in need of some revisions, particularly the Project Iceberg section, which is now woefully out-of-date.

Rest assured, I will address all issues as soon as I can. In the meantime, enjoy the Urban Mainframe.

UPDATE (9-Feb-2004): Mozilla Firebird is now Mozilla Firefox!

UPDATE (24-Jan-2005): Screen capture of the "Aqua" template described in this article.

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