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Big Iron on the Desktop

Date:  Tue, 3rd-Feb-2004prevnext

Tags: Hardware

Desktop PC's just keep on getting faster and faster...

I have been lusting after a dual-2GHz Power Mac G5 ever since Apple announced them. The thought of having a slice of a super-computer on my desktop was very compelling.

Whilst I still plan to acquire (one way or another) the G5, I have just discovered this beast and I have to tell you that I am extremely tempted, especially as there's an Athlon 64 version in the works too.

As if that weren't enough the company also offers a quad-panel, panoramic display (up to 92" wide). Can you imagine playing Lock On with one of these beauties?

Mach L 3.8

I figure that if I sell my house, children and a few surplus organs I should be able to buy both. Anyone want to buy a kidney?

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