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The Most Stable Web Server in the World

Date:  Thu, 12th-Feb-2004prevnext

Tags: Commentary

You want to build a reliable web service. You want 24/7 availability. What do you choose: Windows? Linux? Just what are the top 50 most stable web servers running?...

I went to Netcraft to find out. Netcraft maintain a dynamic "Longest Uptimes" index listing the 50 most stable web servers in the world. Let's take a closer look:

I wouldn't have expected to find a Windoze server on the list and I was right! I did expect to see Linux prove a notable contender. Predictably, I was wrong.

The most stable server OS is... cue drum roll... BSD and its derivatives.

Totally amazing, the 50 most stable web-servers are all powered by either BSD or FreeBSD. It will be interesting to see if Apple's OS X Server makes it onto this list in time, I'd expect it to due to its BSD core.

Strange Fact: the majority of these super-stable servers are all based in Japan. Quite what we can deduce from that is beyond me.

Fact that will surprise no-one: Apache is the dominant web-server in the top 50.

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