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Date:  17th February, 2004

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I have added an RSS 2.0 feed from the weblog for the two of you who are interested in my scribblings...

In fact there is an RSS feed from every folder. To request it, simply replace the "page_identifier/page_x.htm" component of the URL with "syndicate.rss".

For example, the URL of this page,, becomes

The RSS validates successfully but, for some reason, doesn't work with intraVnews, which is my preferred aggregator. If anyone could tell me why I'd be grateful.

Update (27-Feb-2004): I have the RSS feeds working properly now. The problem with intraVnews was that it couldn't handle mod_gzip compressed content. I set up a filter in my mod_gzip config so that "*.rss" files do not get compressed and that seems to have done the trick.

Update (27-Feb-2004): For a better explanation of the available feeds refer to my syndication page.