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A Visit to the Royal Armouries

Date:  Sun, 7th-Mar-2004prevnext

Tags: Commentary, Photography

I went to the Royal Armouries in Leeds today.

It's a fascinating collection housed in one of Leeds' most striking buildings.

Browsing the exhibits I found it chilling to see just how many instruments of death mankind has created over the years. Yet, in a strange way, it's also inspiring to discover the ingenuity of man - who, it seems, is at his most resourceful during times of war.

Along with the usual glass-enclosed exhibits, the Armouries also presents various live presentations and shows. I was greatly entertained by a jousting tournament (for some reason I kept wanting to burst into song - Queen's "We Will Rock You" played repeatedly in my head).

I also enjoyed a martial arts demonstration performed by three members of the museum's staff who, in the line of duty, have undertaken to learn the art of Bukido.

All in all, a very impressive attraction. With free admission and only a nominal charge for car parking the museum represents a great day out. I heartily recommend a visit.

[Photographs from the Royal Armouries]

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