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SHEF Technology from BMW

Date:  1st April, 2004


BMW have always been keen to employ technology in their vehicles. The company has been first to market with several innovative automotive firsts like pressure-sensitive brake lights, headlights that swivel as you corner and the infamous "iDrive" controller.

Today, the company has announced (in the UK only) its latest innovation, SHEF (Satellite Hypersensitive Electromagnetic Foodration) - a feature which will surely help BMW to increase the brand's appeal to female drivers...

With full-page adverts in the British press, BMW is obviously keen to promote the benefits of this ground-breaking technology.

"Put simply, [SHEF] ensures that a BMW driver can arrive home to a perfectly cooked meal." Not content with being "the ultimate driving machine", BMW will surely come to be recognised as "the ultimate utensil for the busy, working mum".

The advertisment goes on, "SHEF works in much the same way as GPS navigation, which is common-place in many modern cars."

"Like GPS, SHEF communicates with satellites orbiting the planet."

"Electromagnetic particles are beamed from your BMW to a satellite and bounced back to Earth to a SHEF receiver fitted in your kitchen."

"The SHEF receiver then converts these particles into standard digital information, which your cooker or microwave oven can understand."

"Once the SHEF unit in your BMW has established a link with the SHEF receiver they remain in constant contact."

"For instance, should you unexpectedly run into a spot of traffic, your oven is notified and alters the cooking time accordingly."

"Furthermore, as the electromagnetic particles are hypersensitive, the driver can adjust the cooking temperature by the smallest degree at any time during the journey, ensuring that everything is cooked to perfection."

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