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Safari for Windows

Date:  3rd May, 2004


Mozilla Firefox is a truly great web browser. However, Firefox is somewhat lacking in the old eye-candy department. Whereas Apple's Safari is absolutely gorgeous.

It is with great pleasure then, that I introduce you to Safari on Windows...

It's been a while since I last modded anything on my desktop. I had managed to get my copy of Windows XP to very effectively mimic Apple's beautiful Mac OS X, both cosmetically and operationally and I have been extremely happy with the results.

My primary browser was Mozilla Firebird which was "aquafied" with the aquaMOZ plug-in from 52nd Street Produktions. I used Firebird rather than Firefox almost entirely for the cosmetics - aquaMOZ didn't work quite so well with Firefox. Then I discovered the Firefox Safari theme on deviantART and just knew I had to have it.

Unfortunately, a little bit of effort is required to make the most of the theme, but the procedure is well-documented and easy to perform.

The results are outrageously good:

Safari on Windows XP? No, it's Firefox with a skin.

Authentic rollovers on bookmarks:

bookmark mouseover in Firefox-Safari clone

Buttons too:

button mouseover in Firefox-Safari clone

The location bar hasn't been forgotten either, check out that "active" glow:

highlighted location field on the Firefox-Safari clone

Even the Bookmarks Manager and Source Code windows get a full makeover:

the Bookmark Manager of the Firefox-Safari clone

And the only giveaway...

the truth about Safari on Windows

All in all, a superb mod. Kudos to aquarius2003 who put the whole thing together. I'm going to enjoy Safari immeasurably.