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SETI Landmark Achieved

Date:  20th May, 2004


I'm feeling pretty proud of myself today. I have just returned my 10,000th completed work-unit to the servers of the SETI @ Home Project...

I registered with the SETI @ home project on the 10th August, 2000.

I was motivated by many factors. Naturally, I wanted to be the first to find ET (imagine the fortune and glory that would result)! But it wasn't just the potential for immortality that I found so appealing - the uber-geek in me wanted to contribute to a ground-breaking experiment in distributed computing. I also appreciated the free processor-intensive software that I could use for burning in new PCs and benchmarking others. Finally, I loved the "wow-factor" afforded by the software. I loved it when clients visited the office. They would invariably notice the scientific-looking SETI screen-saver and ask about it. Then, presenting myself as the great philanthropist, I could boast of my current "score" and show off my Certificate of Appreciation.

My SETI @ home stats make for pretty impressive reading:

  • Completed Work Units: 10,005
  • Total CPU Time: 14.018 years
  • Average CPU Time per work unit: 12 hours, 16 minutes, 23.9 seconds
  • Average results received per day: 34.29

My ranking: 19,548th place (out of 4,999,671 users). Apparently I have completed more work units than 99.609% of those 5 million users!

On the 10th August, 2000, my computer took just under 24-hours to complete my first work unit. Today, I have a small cluster of computers dedicated to processing SETI data. The two fastest machines take just 3-hours each to complete a unit. I am currently returning around 34 completed units per day from this cluster.

My next SETI landmark is 25,000 completed work units. This target seems impossibly distant but, considering the rate-of-change in the computer industry, I wouldn't be surprised to achieve that milestone within the next two years.

SETI @ home certificate for 10,000th completed work unit.

100 work units completed
250 work units completed
500 work units completed
750 work units completed
1000 work units completed
2500 work units completed
5000 work units completed
7500 work units completed

I couldn't write about SETI @ home without mentioning my team, Kustom PCs (Case Modders). The team came together in March 2003 and has made a combined contribution to the SETI project of 35,000+ units and almost 30 years of CPU time. My hat's off to you guys.