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Date:  Wed, 16th-Jun-2004prevnext

Tags: Announcements, CMS, Urban Mainframe, Website Development

While the Urban Mainframe is blessed with a decent site map and a powerful search engine, I realised that accessing some of the historical content was not as quick nor as simple as it could be.

Indeed, some information was totally inaccessible once it had passed into the archives (my "Fresh Meat" links for example).

I sought to redress these obvious flaws and have thus added an archive handler for your convenience (and my own)...

There are three archives that I'd like to draw your attention to:

The Vault: Weblog Archives

Historical weblog entries are now accessible from the Vault.

Within the Vault, year and month links provide a means to retrieve selective indices from the archives. The URL schema for the weblog archives is:


The year, month and day components are all optional. For example, the following URLs are all valid:

Frozen Meat: The Link Archives

"those 'lost' links are made accessible"

Within the weblog pages, there is a panel titled "Fresh Meat". This is basically a quick index of websites that I have found interesting.

The "Fresh Meat" panel operates on the stack principle. The stack is a finite size so, as a new link is added to the top of the stack, the oldest one drops off the bottom - and once a link dropped off the stack there was no way of accessing it.

The "Frozen Meat" archive means that all those "lost" links are made accessible again. The archive is operated in the same manner as the Vault and has a base URL of:


Due to the turbulent nature of the Web, each link is periodically tested by the CMS. When a list is displayed, each link includes status information including whether or not the link is live and the date it was last checked.

On a related note: some of you may have visited the "Great Web Locations" page that used to reside in the "Distractions" section. This mostly static page was deprecated by the introduction of the dynamic "Frozen Meat" archive, so I have moved its links into the archives accordingly.

Blogroll Archives

Since switching from a static to a dynamic blogroll, I am often irritated when one of my favourite links drops off the stack. The final "archive" is the complete blogroll. Now, all my favourite blogs are instantly accessible!

So there you have it. I hope you enjoy the Urban Mainframe archives as much as I did!

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