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Cameron Moll Reinvents the Web Design Process

Date:  6th July, 2004prevnext

Cameron Moll, he of that "Wicked Worn Look" fame, has taken the bold step of opening a work-in-progress design project up for public feedback.

Moll is working on a new design of the Hiram College (Ohio, US) website and has been lucky enough to find himself that rarest of clients - one who is prepared to listen.

Whilst open discussion for personal page design is common, I have never seen a commercial project handled this way.

I have to congratulate both Cameron Moll and Jon Linczak (Hiram College's webmaster and project lead) for having the courage and foresight to approach the design of the website in this manner. Kudos to you both.

Will the process benefit Moll and Linczak? I think it might, just take a look at the quality of the feedback that Moll has solicited.

A new direction for web-design? I certainly hope so. I'd love to see more projects handled this way.

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