1. Do you browse the urbanmainframe.com with images on or off?
  2. Do you use a non-visual web-browser to access urbanmainframe.com?
  3. Do you understand how to use the Captcha mechanism†when posting to the comments handler / forums / emailer?
  4. Do you understand how the Captcha helps to prevent comment spam?
  5. Have you ever attempted to post to the site, only to find that you are unable to complete the process due to the Captcha mechanism?
  6. Have you ever decided not to post because the Captcha hinders you in the process?
  7. Have you registered a user account at urbanmainframe.com specifically to bypass the Captcha mechanism?
  8. Have you ever found that the Captcha system is not working correctly in any way?
  9. Is the Captcha adequately explained on the posting forms?
  10. Is the Captcha image legible?