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SpellBound with Firefox

Date:  Thu, 5th-Aug-2004prevnext

Tags: Commentary, Open Source, Software

I recently discovered SpellBound for Firefox via Ryan Brill's "Blogmarks". SpellBound is a port of the spell checker user interface from Mozilla's Composer that enables spell checking in web forms.

SpellBound is one of the most useful and well-implemented Firefox extensions I've used ("Web Developer" aside).

SpellBound is the perfect tool for those of you who comment on weblogs, or post in forums...

the SpellBound UI

SpellBound supports multiple languages and boasts an editable, custom dictionary.

The extension is so useful that I'd like to see it bundled with Mozilla and Firefox by default.

Note: MSIE users need not feel left out, ieSpell is a similar plug-in for Internet Explorer.

Now there are positively no excuses for misspellings in the comments and forums of the Urban Mainframe. Anyone who blights the website with an incorrectly spelled word will be taken outside and shot (myself excluded, naturally).

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