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The Unluckiest Man Alive

Date:  Sun, 29th-Aug-2004prevnext

Tags: Apple, Commentary

I must be the unluckiest man on earth. First I buy a new iPod just days before Apple announce a revised and improved version, then I book a week in Paris only to discover that I have to return just days before Apple Expo 2004. I didn't even know it was coming!

I noticed the Apple posters plastered all over Paris during my week abroad but, the expo was mentioned only in small print on the bottom of each. The posters themselves all depicted Apple's famous dancing silhouettes holding iPods... thus I barely paid them any attention at all, mistaking them for iPod adverts!

Furthermore, I passed through Charles de Gaulle airport twice yet I completely failed to notice the new iMacs that apparently occupy the elevators within!

Woe is me.

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