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Essential Firefox Extensions

Date:  Thu, 9th-Sep-2004prevnext

Tags: Commentary, Open Source, Software

There is no doubt that Firefox is one of the best web browsers on any platform. Along with one of the fastest rendering engines around, the browser boasts such eminently usable features as integrated search, popup blocking, tabbed browsing and more.

However, the Firefox lamp shines even more brightly when a few well-chosen extensions are added to the mix...

I currently have the following extensions installed:

  • Firesomething: Humourous branding of Firefox;
  • Google Pagerank: Displays the Google Pagerank of the current page in the browser's toolbar;
  • Tabbrowser Extensions: Extends the functionality of the tabbed browser facility;
  • GooglePreview: Inserts a website thumbnail preview in Google search results;
  • SpellBound: Spelling checker for web form input;
  • Web Developer: Adds a menu and toolbar to the browser with a collection of invaluable web developer tools;
  • GMail Notifier: Adds configurable notification of new mail received via Google's GMail service;
  • Plain Text Links: Treats selected plain text URLs as links;
  • User Agent Switcher: User Agent spoofing tool;
  • TargetAlert: Visually indicates the content types of the destinations of hyperlinks when those hyperlinks do not point to web pages. Also indicates if a link will spawn a new window.

I'm curious to know whether or not I'm missing the Ultimate Firefox Extension™ - so my question to you, dear reader, is this: What are your "must have" Firefox extensions, and why?

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