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Time for a New Cellphone

Date:  25th September, 2004


It seems the contract is nearly over with my current cellular provider (O2) and I have decided not to renew it since I have, quite frankly, found their coverage to be inadequate for my needs. I have decided to return to Vodafone as I never had problems with network availability when I used them in the past.

Siemens S65

I've also decided to replace my aging, and somewhat dated, Nokia 6310i with something a little more in-keeping with my persona as a technologist. There's a little problem though: I'm not up-to-date with what's hot in the mobile-phone world, so I'm struggling to identify a suitable handset.

I really like the Siemens S65 (review). It has a great spec and only seems to be missing an FM radio, which I could live without.

So I'm soliciting recommendations. What's your favourite cellular phone and why?

Things to consider when offering your suggestions:

I am in the UK, please don't recommend a phone that's only available in Asia or the US.

Required Spec: tri-band, 65K colour display, alarm clock, SMS, T9 dictionary, vibrating alert, bluetooth, camera (at least web quality), GPRS, polyphonic, IrDA.

Desirable (but not required): FM radio, > 1 mega-pixel camera resolution, 801.11b, PDA functionality.