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Urban Mainframe and TrackBacks

Date:  Mon, 1st-Nov-2004prevnext

Tags: CMS, Urban Mainframe, Website Development

J.J. recently suggested that I should consider deploying a "TrackBack" facility on the Urban Mainframe.

I've seen TrackBacks on 3.5 trillion other weblogs, but never really understood their purpose or usage until Luc pointed me to the "How TrackBack Works" page.

To be honest, and I apologise in advance to everyone using them, the TrackBack system looks like nothing more than a mechanism for ego-stroking to me ("hey look at all the websites that link to me").

However, it's highly likely that I am missing the point. If so, could you please tell me whether or not I should deploy TrackBacks on this website. How would they benefit me? How would they benefit you? Etc.

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