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Vanilla Sky: Cameron Diaz Erotica

Date:  5th November, 2004


Cameron Diaz still from the movie "Vanilla Sky"

I have just watched Vanilla Sky, a surreal movie starring Tom Cruise, Penélope Cruz, Cameron Diaz and Kurt Russell.

I thoroughly enjoyed the film, with its clever plot, slick direction (Cameron Crowe) and mind-bending imagery (picture Times Square sans people and traffic) and I heartily recommend it to the three or four of you who might not have seen it yet.

Memorable Moment - During a scene between Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz the following dialogue occurs:

"You fucked me four times the other night... You've been inside me. I swallowed your cum."

I never thought I'd ever hear Cameron Diaz utter those words - pure masturbatory heaven.

Shit. I gotta get out more!