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Solaris 10

Date:  Fri, 4th-Feb-2005prevnext

Tags: Open Source, Software, Unix

Four and a half hours of downloading, concatenating 5 x 450MB files and md5summing the result... and I finally have a copy of Sun's Solaris 10.

I have enjoyed using Solaris (versions 8 and 9) on Sun workstations for a couple of years. Now I can enjoy their latest release, free, on my x86 box.

Solaris 10 boasts some impressive features: N1 Grid Containers, DTrace, Predictive Self-Healing, Linux Interoperability and, perhaps the most interesting feature of all, Solaris ZFS (Zettabyte File System).

ZFS, according to Sun, is a "breakthrough file system," designed to deliver "virtually unlimited capacity, provable data integrity and near-zero administration." ZFS protects all data with 64-bit checksums and silently detects/corrects data corruption. A 128-bit file system, ZFS offers "16 billion billion times the capacity of 32- or 64-bit systems." ZFS is endian-neutral - disks can be swapped between SPARC and x86 computers whilst retaining full data integrity and with no migratory process.

It all sounds truly fantastic and I'm keen to explore it further. Naturally I'll be writing more about Solaris 10 over the coming months but, for now, I'm off to play around with my new OS!

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