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On this Day, Two Years Ago...

Date:  Thu, 31st-Mar-2005prevnext

Tags: Announcements, Urban Mainframe

I would like to wish you, dear Urban Mainframe, a happy second birthday.

Two years ago today, I wrote the first entry in this weblog along with a couple of articles describing my fetish of the time, computer modding.

Since then, you have become my principle hobby. You've encouraged me to explore new programming and design territory, you've acquired thought-provoking arguments from the community and you've been a great place to just hang out and chill! You've also introduced me to some great friends for which I am eternally grateful. (Noah Slater, I would have liked to link to you here - hurry up and get your weblog online!)

In the past two years I have written 181 weblog entries (pitiful I know) which have solicited 1,095 user comments. Amazingly, 35 people have enjoyed my infrequent writings enough to have become registered users and, according to FeedBurner, 65 readers regularly enquire of my RSS handler if I've written anything new.

So here's to future years - may they continue to be as enjoyable, informative and addictive as they have previously proven to be.

Raise your glasses my friends!

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