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Crazy OS X Advice

Date:  Tue, 19th-Jul-2005prevnext

Tags: Apple, Commentary, OS X

I've just come across an amazing response to an OS X user's enquiry on the macosx.com forums.

The user asks, "My Mac OS X is behaving in a strange way. The Finder displays black borders around selected items and the same for the forward and back arrows in Finder windows. Also, the apple menu has duplicated items Restart and Restart..., for example. What setting did I change?"

And macosx.com's reply?

The only thing to do to correct this is to do an archive and preserve installation of 10.4.

That's right folks - a full reinstall of OS X is required!

Now I'm an OS X newbie but even I could have answered this question, and it certainly doesn't involve a reinstallation of the operating system.

The "problem" is that the user has inadvertantly turned "VoiceOver" on. Turn it off with Apple-F5 and the symptoms disappear.

At least I know now that I shouldn't consult the experts at macosx.com when I encounter a problem with OS X.

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