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(for: Komodo IDE Ported to Mac OS X)
1 | Posted by: Scott Johnson (Guest) | ~ 1 year ago |

This is great news! I have been using Komodo on my PC at $work for years. It will be really nice to be able to fire it up on my Mac now. I just hope that it’s not overly bloated.

2 | Posted by: DarkBlue (Registered User) | ~ 1 year ago |

It is great news Scott. Komodo beats any other IDE hands down as far as I am concerned. It’s a fantastic code development environment, with an exquisite feature set.

Let me lay your concern to rest, Komodo doesn’t seem to be “bloated” in any way. Nor does it leak memory (like the Windows version does). The OS X release seems a lot more responsive than the same IDE on Windows - but that could be down to the OS. :-)

The OS X release is v3.5, which is still in beta for other platforms, which could explain some of the improvements overs the Windows version.

I’m a happy programmer again.

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